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  • Term LELE: snappy Jack Kerouac style portraits

    13 octobre 2016 ( #LELE )

    Hiya Imagine you have met these people while travelling: give a quick Jack Kerouac style portrait of three of them, about 30 to 50 words each, no more. Think about their eyes, their look, their clothes, their cheeks, their hair, the position of their...

  • Make yoru own rap song!

    03 juin 2016

    Watch this slam, observe and feel the rythm and the rhyming p { margin-bottom: 0.25cm; direction: ltr; color: rgb(0, 0, 10); line-height: 120%; text-align: left; }p.western { font-family: "Liberation Serif",serif; font-size: 12pt; }p.cjk { font-family:...

  • Rap, rhyme, rythm and English language!

    03 juin 2016

    Have a look at the following videos, a fascinating example of why there is more to Hip Hop and Rap than "thug life" and the image in pouplar media. Some of the artists that write it really have lyrical skills... The most important video to watch is "rapping...

  • "Natural singing" in English

    02 juin 2016

    Here are some videos that shows how melody and rythm naturally exist in English...and the remix... “My friend came to the door and she said… well I was on the phone cooking me and my baby some breakfast, and she said, ‘Hey, something is wrong — it’s poppin!’...

  • What can Robots do in 2016

    26 avril 2016

    Meet Atlas and Spot. Their engineers are waiting for ideas, creative people to tell them how these robots could be used: What are they capable of? Imagine manual jobs they could do. In what situation could they assist? What would the engineers have to...

  • Robot film trailers

    06 mars 2015

  • Material for your presentation

    23 mai 2017

    Here is the video you will be able to edit to make your presentation. You can also use the photos of Asimo you may find on the web or use the ones I have copied in your class folder on the school network. Have fun! INSTRUCTIONS: - your presentation should...

  • Press review

    11 mars 2016

    Prepare to talk about an article from one of the websites below: Explore the website and find an article that illustrates what we have seen about the press. In your 3 minute press review you MUST briefly desrcibe the story but more importantly talk about...

  • Michael Jackson Child Superstar

    24 septembre 2014 ( #3eme )

    Watch the video : from 0'00 to 4'00 How does he react to the questions as a child ? Does he seem happy? Why did the makers of this documentary choose this song in the background? What words do you understand? 0’52 “He lost the _________ to be a kid before...

  • Questions...

    11 mars 2015

    Do you remember how to ask questions? When did you learn to ask them? Who taught you? (Question expression) AUXILIARY sujet verb Complement ? You have done some research about Ireland. You will be given a team for today. Ask questions about Ireland to...

  • The phone Hacking Scandal

    07 janvier 2015

    Here is a little video about phone hacking. It comes from Panorama on the BBC, a little bit like "Envoyé Spécial" in France. Watch it. How much of it do you understand? What happened? Do you think it is normal that celebrities must abandon their private...

  • How to robot dance

    26 février 2017 ( #2nde )

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AjgRmEmlaFs Hey guys,so in this week's dance tutorial tuesday i'm gonna teach you an awesome way to walk like a robot,this is a pretty amazing move done in the styles of popping,animation or just robot dance/Dubstep Dance,it's...

  • meet Atlas and Spot

    02 mai 2017

    Here are Atlas and Spot 1- What can they do? 2- What could they do? In Education, in Emergency services, in Industry or in Entertainment? Spot is a four-legged robot designed for indoor and outdoor operation. It is electrically powered and hydraulically...

  • Thriller choreography

    21 mars 2017

    Here are a few dance moves you may know.... The dance from Michael Jackson's "Thriller" music video that is now known by millions and is considered one of the greatest routines of all time, and this fits the spirit of Halloween. To those who loved Michael,...

  • First Certificate lesson

    04 mars 2016

    Hello there! For this less on, I would like to organise a written debate, suing the comments section below. I will read the thread afterwards. First you must read the Huffington Post blog article, then the other article, to give you arguments and counter...

  • Robotics documentary

    23 février 2015 ( #2nde )

    Here is a very good documentary to give you ideas about the issue of robotics. The end of the documentary is especially interesting to try to imagine the future, The other documentary explains the difficulties roboticists are facing to evolve. The journalist...

  • First Certificate: only a few weeks to go!

    01 septembre 2015 ( #First )

    Hello everyone! Time will fly this term and we only have a few weeks to go before the exam. As far as your preparation is concerned: Here are a few useful links for your preparation. If they are not actual hyperlink, simply copy and paste the address...

  • War of The Worlds

    09 octobre 2016

    While you wait to take your speaking text, I would like you to start watching War of The Worlds, which will feature in our next unit about 1950's Science Fiction in America. Today the special effects used in this film are funny, but in those days, the...

  • School tour

    22 septembre 2016

    2 different school tours....

  • Classic Sci Fi trailers

    17 novembre 2015

    Watch the following trailers

  • 1ere L: Advertising

    01 décembre 2010 ( #LELE )

    Hello everyone There is a chance I might not be here tomorrow morning, So here is a version of what we would have done in the morning. I will be here in the afternoon for the "vie de classe", however Activity 1: Here is entire the series again Last lesson...

  • The Pouch And The Key

    12 décembre 2011 ( #LELE )

    The Pouch And The Key "-Mummy, why do you have a key around your neck? - Darling, sit down, I will explain you something ... When your grand-mother was young, she was take in a concentration camp, because she was jewish. It was very hard for her, you...

  • Jane Eyre: an introduction

    03 décembre 2014 ( #LELE )

    To illustrate the introduction about Charlotte Brontë's Jane Eyre, here are some photos of • The Brontë sisters Charlotte and Emily (who wrote Wurthering Heights) • Yorkshire, including Haworth, where their father was a parson (a vicar) and where they...

  • Street Food

    18 septembre 2015 ( #1ere )

    Hiya! Here is the video we will be working on. Imagine you are a journalist. Write a possible narration to match the footage (the video clip) below. Look at the pictures carefully and make sure your text does not simply describe the pictures but provides...

  • 1ere: The Press: A critic of photojournalism

    05 octobre 2015 ( #1ere )

    Listen to this woman saying how she feels about photojournalism and answer the questions below: 1-Find 4 words that express her disagreement: • • • • 2- Find 3 things she objects to photojournalism • • • 3- According to her what should happen in terms...

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