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1 septembre 2015 2 01 /09 /septembre /2015 14:40

Hello everyone!


Time will fly this term and we only have a few weeks to go before the exam.


As far as your preparation is concerned:

Here are a few useful links for your preparation. If they are not actual hyperlink, simply copy and paste the address in your web browser's address window.


• this one is a youtube channel made by an FCE teacher in Eastbourne: he has posted lots of videos that show exactly what it's like in the exam. He leaves a long enough gap for you to answer, which makes it very realistic:



 For part 1:




• here is more generic one about the FCE as a whole: have a good look around, it's got nice links to various FCE level websites.




• always a useful one...it has also got a few past papers

Cambridge English FCE official site


• Official past papers on IOS, for IPhone, IPad and IPods and Android.

Cambridge Apps

I strongly recommend them.


•this is a good site too, it has recent news bulletins with a script underneath:



• try to watch a number of films or series in English, with English subtitles

• Chat with friends in English, even for a laugh with a funny accent, it still helps

• go through the notes you have taken throughout the preparation



  Good luck, you deserve it!


Y Desdevises

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12 mars 2013 2 12 /03 /mars /2013 12:50



Describe your most exhilarating experience and your feelings before, during and after it...post a comment underneathy to describe it.



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15 janvier 2013 2 15 /01 /janvier /2013 18:12

Here is an interesting app if you own an apple product. Hopefully on Android soon!

Official FCE tests




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18 septembre 2012 2 18 /09 /septembre /2012 14:58

Hello everybody!

Here is some interesting material you can use for extra preparation:


• I've just discovered  this site (http://www.englishrevealed.co.uk/), it looks pretty good. There is also a premium version, for which you have to pay, which offers more tests and seems reasonable in price. Have a look!



• Here is a video of exactly how the speaking exam takes place




Here is another one:


Hope you like it!


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4 novembre 2011 5 04 /11 /novembre /2011 08:40

Hello everybody

Following what I was saying in class yesterday about sample exam papers, here are a few things you can do online



Reading Test 1 p.10-12, answers p.13 and Test 2 p.14-16, with answers p.16

Writing Test 1 p.23-24 and Test 2 p.26-27; have a look at the corrected essays in the next few pages, they can be interesting for you to situate yourself

Use of English Test 1 p. 44-46, with answers p. 47 and  Test 2 p.48-50, with answers p.51

Listening Test 1 p.56-58, Test 2 p.65-67

Speaking Test 1 p.79-81 and Test 2 p.83-85

the listening recordings can be found here




• There is also this one: it has free material as well as material you can pay for





So, decide on which paper you need to work the most, do it in exam conditions and tell me your  results by email. If there is anything you are unsure about, let me know, I'll be at hand to explain. If you choose a writing paper, put it in my pigeon hole at school and I will try to correct it ASAP.


Good luck and go for it!






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27 septembre 2011 2 27 /09 /septembre /2011 17:15


Here is a good site to revise your phrasal verbs if you feel you need to brush up on them...

Phrasal Verbs Extravaganza

It's actually not that easy, but don't take it as a test, more like a way of learning new ones. There is also a Phrasal Verb Dictionary at the top for reference.

Should I say "Enjoy!" ?

Just remember it's for a good cause...




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2 janvier 2011 7 02 /01 /janvier /2011 21:53


Here are a couple of useful websites for extra practice:


Rolf's Youtube Channel

Flo Joe's Website



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