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4 mars 2016 5 04 /03 /mars /2016 08:17

Hello there!

For this less on, I would like to organise a written debate, suing the comments section below.

I will read the thread afterwards.

First you must read the Huffington Post blog article, then the other article, to give you arguments and counter arguments. Then react to them.

In your reaction you must interact with other people from the class, say what you think about what they said, REACT, not just make your own comment.

The question is "Why go to university?". Do you agree with what the journalist/student says?

Are there problems about going to Uni in the UK that don't exist in France? What could you do instead of studying? Have you ever thought about it? Do you have friends or relative that chose not to go?

Remember to respect other people's opinion in the classe and do not hesitate to defend opinions you don't necessarily agree with.

To comment, simply press "Commenter cet article", give a false email address and wait a minute or two before your comment appears, then read other people's.

HOMEWORK: reading "Lucy's first job" p. 64 + questions 4p. 65

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Toefl certification 11/10/2016 12:48

Very useful post,thats what i really needed to improve each day, thanks for share

Léna 04/03/2016 15:47

University is a good way to meet new people and have new exepriences. You also participate to courses that you're interested in and that's important to get good grades. Besides University allows you to get a higher-end job. However University costs a lot of money and not everybody can afford it.Finally, Universities are about theories but you need a real job to learn how the real world works.

Iwaswonderingifafteralltheseyearsyouliketomeet 04/03/2016 13:07

I don't think that not going to university doesn't offer a decent job like you said, you're just directly living in active life, without a lot of preparations.
As far as I am concerned, I prefer going on university because I really want to finally study subjects that I enjoy. Moreover, I would like to meet more people and having more time to decide what I want to do later.

Mathilde 04/03/2016 13:06

I think this choice to go to University or not depends on each of us.

If you love studies don't hesitate to go on Uni it will surely be something good for you.
On the contrary if you don't feel good to learning new subjects and things like this and if you want to enter into the professional world, just do it!

The most important thing is to choose the way where you will be the best.

Roger4ever 04/03/2016 13:06