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11 mars 2016 5 11 /03 /mars /2016 10:16

Prepare to talk about an article from one of the websites below:

Explore the website and find an article that illustrates what we have seen about the press.

In your 3 minute press review you MUST briefly desrcibe the story but more importantly talk about HOW the article is written:

- does it look serious? Objective?

- what is the layout like?

- is it sensationalist? Why?

- Is there a political dimension to it?

- What kind of people is it trying to attract? Make a precise description (male/female, young/old, educated/uneducated, clever/stupid, etc...)

- Are there any comments under the article? What do they say? What does it show?

- What was the website like generally? Was this article an exception to the rest of the website? What do you deduce about this newspaper (reputation, popularity, typical audience...)

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