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1 décembre 2010 3 01 /12 /décembre /2010 22:37

Hello everyone

There is a chance I might not be here tomorrow morning, So here is a version of what we would have done in the morning. I will be here in the afternoon for the "vie de classe", however


Activity 1: Here is entire the series again



Last lesson we saw various modes of narration and messages ("someone has a problem another person has a solution..." etc)

Which "modes" are used for the Kellog's advert (4'40) and the Chiquita advert (5'34)?


Activity 2

Read "Language of Advertising" in the text we studied. It talks about persuasive words.

Watch the Dixons advert at 6'55

Which ones can you find in this advert?


Activity 3

Watch the first advert for Crown paint.

Which persuasive words would you use for this one? Which positive adjectives would be the best for this advert?

Write the text for a possible voice over the song ("What a difference a day makes"); which would take 40 seconds, with pauses. If you are unsure about how to pronounce a word click on this link, choose "Audrey UK English", type the word and click on "speak". The voice will tell you how to pronounce it.


Thank you

Please write "ok" when you get this message.

Thank you.

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Louison 06/12/2010 18:07


Justine Delaunay 06/12/2010 17:46


Julie 04/12/2010 18:55


mrdesdevises 02/12/2010 21:39

Yes. But activities 1 and 2 won't take you very long. And a 30 second text is about 80 words, so the whole thing should not take too long.

Hiba 02/12/2010 17:34

Ok, but I do have a question : Do we have to do all the activities for Tuesday ?
Thank you.