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8 juin 2017 4 08 /06 /juin /2017 09:40
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30 mai 2017 2 30 /05 /mai /2017 16:27

How much of a normal documentary can you understand?

Try with this  one...



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27 avril 2017 4 27 /04 /avril /2017 06:30

Here is a presentation of the new Nao


Watch the video and answer these questions:

1- List Nao's capabilities. What can he do?

2- Think of contexts where Nao could be useful. Give 3 examples.

3- How is he different from Erica? Which one would you like to speak to the most? Why?


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26 février 2017 7 26 /02 /février /2017 22:43




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9 janvier 2017 1 09 /01 /janvier /2017 14:55

Hello everybody! 


For this Thursday (12/01) do "Activity 2". 

I've decided to put all of the resources for this unit online, just so you can work both from the IT room or home.  



Your aim is to produce a presentational video for an environmentally-friendly house. You will have the video for it, with some music in the background, and you will have to write and record your own presentation of the house.

You will be judged on vocabulary, grammar, pronunciation (particularly intonation and accentuation of strong syllables) and  the ability to convince and influence a potential buyer, so you will need to present the house in an extremely positive way.

We will first analyse the vocabulary you need for it, watch some more or less equivalent videos before you produce your own, which should be 2'30 minutes long.


Activity 1:Housing vocabulary

Look at the list on the left and find the missing words in the gaps (right click, then "Save picture as") 


001.jpg                          002.jpg

Activity 2: Green Vocabulary

Watch the following video and answer the questions below:




  The Greenest House in New York


from 0'18:

1-what standards does it meet?

2- "the ________, the ________, even the _________ you sleep on are green like no other Harlem home"

3- What is eco-friendly about...

        the walls?

        the paint?

        the roof?                                     (generating ___________________)

        the toilets?

        the water heater?

        the floor?

4- Why is there so much bamboo? What adjective is used here?

5- What's green about the crib?

6- Name one disadvantage of the making a house green?

7- " the _______ of you family is _________"


Activity 3: Talk the talk

Watch the next video and answer the questions below




1- list its eco-friendly characteristics (throughout the video)

2- list the positive adjectives used from 0'33 until the end (throughout the video)

3- at 0'36, fill in the blanks " the first floor _______ ___ ___ the living room, dining room and kitchen.

How can this expression be used to avoid saying "there is/are"? Give 3 examples.

Can you think of other expressions to make the description less static? 

4- What sort of green is the kitchen top? 

What nuance could you give to the following colours: Blue, Red, Yellow,

5- What is the owners' feeling in your opinion?


Activity 4: Pronunciation and accentuation

Take the vocabulary you have listed in activity 3 (question 1 and 2) and go to this link

Choose a voice (e.g. Audrey UK English) and type any of the words you don't know how to pronounce, then press "speak".

Underline the strong syllable of the word, i.e. the one that is louder the the rest. Do this for all the new vocabulary you have discovered so far in the unit.

Once you have reached activity 4, write a comment saying "ok" so I know who is ready.




Here is the kind of video you will need to comment on.




• You will need to provide a description of the house and how eco-friendly it is. The aim is that by the end of the activity, the other class I will show your videos to should want to buy it!

Of course you can imagine extra details. Your presentation should match the video, so it might be useful to draw a time line on the side of your text to pace yourself correctly.

Pay specific attention to:

- eco-friendly vocabulary: make sure you "recycle" some of the vocabulary seen in class

- the use of positive adjectives: remember you have to influence potential buyers

- how you sound: be dynamic and positive. Use correct accentuation of strong syllables: you can underline the strong syllable of words of more than one syllable if that helps. Highlight the key notions of your sentence and say these words louder and clearer than the rest. Draw arrows for ascending and descending intonation, to sound more authentic and professional. 


• To record yourself:

Use Movie Maker. Open the software, import the Green House video, then start the "narration" menu to record over the music. Adjust the volume of each part (narration vs. video). When you are finished, save your documentary as a single video file (.avi or .mjpeg or .mp4) not a project file.


The video is 2'20 long. Your narration should include pauses and the total amount spoken should last between 1'30 and 1'40 minutes. Remember it's about quality not quantity!

I will collect the files from the class folder on Monday, at the end of the lesson.





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26 septembre 2016 1 26 /09 /septembre /2016 14:20




What is the report about?

Who goes to these meetings?

What is the advantage of this meeting?

At 1’39 what is listed as problems?



2) What questions would you ask if you had a white sticker?




Ways of finding out is someone is …


• hardworking



• open-minded



• outgoing



• stingy



• organised, tidy



• able to pay the bills


4) Look at the flatmate webite and write your own advert




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19 mai 2016 4 19 /05 /mai /2016 12:35

Here is a little video about teenagers and money



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2 octobre 2015 5 02 /10 /octobre /2015 10:57

If you are finished with the listening preparation: here’s what to do.

2nd Listen to English :

copy the following link into the address bar: www.esl-lab.com

Listen and do all the exercises suggested


tell me about yourself

travel arrangements


Leisure activities

vacation plans

New York travel

On the same page, you will find "20-minute ESL LESSONS" , choose

Hobbies and recreation



And finally, Test your English :

www.ilsenglish.com ( test your English level )

www.anglaisfacile .com ( rubrique COURS + test de niveau )

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20 mars 2015 5 20 /03 /mars /2015 13:36


Here are the activities we will be doing today. 

Watch the video in the class folderor in the link below:








Find the words that mean



Se figer, être tétanisé

Avancer en silence

La mâchoire






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23 février 2015 1 23 /02 /février /2015 23:08

Here is a very good documentary to give you ideas about the issue of robotics.

The end of the documentary is especially interesting to try to imagine the future,

The other documentary explains the difficulties roboticists are facing to evolve. The journalist is very funny!

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