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28 octobre 2012 7 28 /10 /octobre /2012 14:42





This is an example of a tidy desk!


Write a description of YOUR desk, at school or at home. Use the example in your book p.36.

• use prepositions: in/on/under/behind...

• use classroom object: pens, scissors, book, rucksack...

• use questions: ex: Where is my pencilcase?


Utilise la rubrique "écrire un commentaire" pour recopier ce que tu as écrit dans ton cahier. L'ensemble doit faire environ 80 mots. La photo sert simplement d'exemple ce n'est pas celle que tu dois décrire. N'hésite surtout pas à ajouter des détails pour compléter ta description, une fois que tu es sûr(e) d'avoir bien répondu aux consignes.


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le Romancer Mattéo 6ème G 25/11/2012 18:22

On my desk

On my desk there is a lamp, my personal computer. Under the desk my chair, in front of my lamp a moneybox , and on the desk a plansphère. On my desk y have a box for my pens and pencils, my candis
are behind my cd player , my exercicebooks are on my shelf with my dictionnari .On my desk there is my pencylcase, under the desk y have a westpapaer basket and a green carpet, my desk is red
and on my desk y have a big TV (in my dreams !).

Hasnaoui Chamseddine 25/11/2012 17:29

Hello Mr desdevise,

In my bedroom is my office consists of a table shelf overcome. My desktop is black and my shelves are white. My office on my computer there, below is a drawer or I pick up my ds, my ipod, my key
and my bus pass. On the first shelf ago I woke up on the second, and my favorite books on my last medals won during my judo tournaments and sit my chair.

imane.a 24/11/2012 12:57

My desk is very small .on my desk there is a computer .there is a ruler, there is my telephone one dictionary one web came on the computer and one small bag in who there is card ,receiver ,and i

pierre j 24/11/2012 11:32

my desk is in my bedroom. my pencil case is on my desk and my schoolbag is under my desk. a lamp is on left corner and a book is next to the lamp.
a étagère is on my desk

clement bernard 14/11/2012 20:01

my chair is under the desk, my pen is in pencil pot on the desk, a frame with a picture of me and my mother on the desk,my dictonnary offert by college notre dames de toutes-aides in tirroire in my
desk, my exercices book and lesson book on the desk, my figurine in the tirroire in the desk, my society games on the desk,my bed is next to the my desk,a clock front of the desk,my claseur is on
the tirroire under the desk