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24 mai 2011 2 24 /05 /mai /2011 23:05

Have a look at this video:



1- List all the inventions you can hear in the song: there are 39! (admittedly not all from the UK)

2- Talk together and decide on

            the one that is the most useful,

            the one that is the least useful

            the one that is the most surprising

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Mattéo 31/05/2011 21:54

I don't agree with anne-claire, because the dynamite was very useful and not strange for the victorians,they were colonizers and need of powerful weapons to frighten the local people.

Mattéo 31/05/2011 21:46

I think that the most useful victorian's invention was the telephone because at this time, we need it everywhere in the world, it's a work and entertainment tool.
Instead, the least useful invention of victorian were easter eggs because it's an unnecessary business.
And the most surprising invention for me, was the toilet paper because I thought that it was invented long before, Victorian was a century of innovation

Diane 31/05/2011 21:35

- First, I think that the most useful invention was the telephone, We can now communicate very quickly and without any inconveniences. For exemple, before this invention, we were obliged to
communicate only by letters and it was very long to receive an answer and there were no certitude that the letter was arrived to the good destination.

- In a second time, i think that the less useful invention was the ice-cream in a pot. Because this "invention" didn't change the History ! We can "survive" eating an ice-cream without a pot.

- Finally, the most surprising invention was the vacuum cleaner. I never knew that it was so ancient. I was thinking that this invention was really recent.

The Victorian Time, was probably the most inventive century !

Mathieu 31/05/2011 21:10

the most useful invention of victorian times for me is the automobile, nobody thought to it but they use a car at least once a day.
the least useful invention is probably ice cream because i'm really convinced that we can live without ice cream.
the invention that surprised me the most is toilet paper, i never asked who invented the toilet paper and it surprised me when i saw that it has been invented by the victorians creators

Loane 31/05/2011 19:47

I don't agree with most of people, you don't realize that toilet paper is really useful?
And it took that someone think about it!