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12 décembre 2011 1 12 /12 /décembre /2011 21:57


The Sock

My father told me the story of this little sock I had always known. When he was 5, he became friend with a little girl who was Swedish, and who always wore a little pink dress with sparkles on it, because she worked in a circus. She was very brainy, and she had a dream but she lived in poverty. She absolutely wanted to go and see the International circus. She saved money for 2 years, but it wasn’t enough, so she besought her father to buy the places. He finally accepted but on the way to the show, they had a terrible car accident. It has killed them immediately. My father was completely ruined. He went a last time to the circus, and visited the caravan where she lived. He found a sock that she had been wearing really often. He picked it up, to remember all the time of his first best friend. He always kept it with him, during 15 years, until he meet my mother. She was joyful and he fell totally in love with her. He left the sock in a little box, in the attic of their flat, and never touched it again. Him and my mother decided to marry, and to move into a bigger house. They began to tidy the flat, and my mother found the box within the sock. She thought my father had a hidden child, and they argued for hours. My mother finally left the flat. She came back 3 hours after, crying and apologizing. My father explained her the whole story, and she obviously understood. The day after, she offered my father a beautiful little charm. He put it into the sock, and put both back into the box. For my first birthday, 3 years later, my mother offered me the sock, which I never wore. I kept it under my pillow, as a kind of lucky charm. Today is the 1st birthday of my little girl, and I’ve put the sock under her pillow.

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