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12 mars 2013 2 12 /03 /mars /2013 12:50



Describe your most exhilarating experience and your feelings before, during and after it...post a comment underneathy to describe it.



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Tourneux Pauline 20/03/2013 14:59

It was last year. I went to the riding clubl as every saturday, and on the list, I saw my name written right near of the biggest horse's name. I was so scared, I thought I was gonna fall, and
finally I rode on. The lesson began and the teacher told us we were gonna jump high. I was terrified, but I did it, and it was amazing ! I felt like I was flying ! We jumped more than 1m and that
was really cool, great feelings and amazing memories.

Loriane Daugy Creff 19/03/2013 18:52

My most exhilarating experience was 3 years ago when I wan my ballet competition. I was with my teacher and was really anxius about it. Few minuets before I came on the stage I tougt I would forgot
all my choregraphy! I was feelinf so strage and also so scared! I could see all the other girls aftetey performance and I was shure I was worst than them.. But when I heard my name and same on the
stage, I felt happy. I begun to dance adfortgot everything else. After, my mum came and made mea hug but I was steel exiting!
Sudenly, a voice told us the me of the girls for the third price, the seconde, and my name was not in there... Then first price tey called me! So happy I was, I neever thought I would won the
It was my firdt and last one but I will neevr forgot the feeling I had and how I was roud of myself!

PLM 19/03/2013 11:36

amusement park*

PLM 19/03/2013 11:36

It was in Canada, about five months ago. We went to Canada's Wonderland, an enourmous amusement near Toronto. There was a new roller-coaster called the Leviathan, that towered over the park at
about 93 meters high. It was one of the fastest and the biggest roller-coaster in the world. I was really excited when I sat in my wagon. And then, a person brutally buckled my belt. I had to face
it. I was going to do it. After that my fellings were a bit weird: I was torn between stress and excitment.While we were going up, I had nervous grins, but I was also really excited. And then,
woooooo! The fall was so steep! I screamed so loud! I was really afraid for two seconds but then, I really enjoyed the ride. I even put my hands in the air! When we got out of the wagon, I have to
say that I was feeling a little dozy. It didn't really matter, because we went back to the ride four times!!!
It was awesome.

Malis PANG 18/03/2013 23:37

The most amazing experience that I never forget was in 2009 at summer vacation in Cambodia. When I learned how to drive motorbike with my grandpa without took any lesson at all. It was terrifying
and frightening because I haven't got enough strength to hold the motorbike for long time and the road was frequent by a lot of other motorbike ,but the feeling of the speed was so good so