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5 décembre 2012 3 05 /12 /décembre /2012 23:05



• Watch CNN Student News in your class folder

• List the items in the order they appear and the sort of news they represent


• choose one topic and list 5 words or expressions you have found in this news item: you will find the news transcript here:





• Go to 1’33 on the video and listen to this part. Underline the words that are the most accentuated and their strong syllable. Then draw an arrow rising or falling to describe the intonation you can hear:


" Technically known as "independent expenditure-only committees," they are new kind of


political action committee, only without many of the same restrictions, thanks to a pair of


federal court cases, Super PACs can raise and spend unlimited amounts of money for or


against political candidates. There is one key restriction, they are not allowed to work in


conjunction with the candidate they support. But critics say, Super PACs open an election up


to potential corruption."



• Record yourself in Audacity or Movie Maker to try to reproduce this part of the text. You will need this sort of intonation in the news item you will create.




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