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26 septembre 2012 3 26 /09 /septembre /2012 18:01


Media studies 2


Watch this link:



1- Classify the stories :

World News, Us News, Education, Community News, Entertainment,...


2- Which story....

  • had a personal perspective, was the story of one person which represents a problem for a larger group ?

  • was a positive message about a change of career plan ?

  • was focusing on the relationship bewteen one country and the rest of the world ?

  • was debated in the US presidential campaign ?

  • was a reaction to a stupid joke ?

  • was a creative way to illustrate a serious story ?

  • was the story of an inspiring man ?




3-Sound like a journalist

Go to the video at 2'15

Start « Audacity »

Record yourself saying the following sentences with the same intonation as the journalist

Pay attention to rising and falling intonation


«  When Jackie Giovanniello graduated from Brown University this year, whe put off going straight to medical school. Instead she took a research job at Sloane Kettering Hospital. »


« And she had plenty of them, $100,000 worth. Why ? Her family is middle class, her mother works in a school. Her dad owns a bar. She says they're considered too wealthy to qualify for many grants, but she says not wealthy enough to have saved the money for the more than $50,000 a year to attend Brown. »



4- Item Focus

Use the script ( link) to explain the detail of the story. For your story, summarise the news item and answer the question:


a- Obama : what is Barack Obama's message about modern communication technology ?

b- Tuition : what is difficult for middle class families ? What does it show about American Colleges ? Why do the candidates talk about it ?

c- Yom Kippur : What is it ? Which religion celebrates it ?

d- Homecoming : Why was it not funny ? How did the girl react ?

e- Baseball : What did this man decide to do?0

f- Cookies : What could the colours correspond to ?


5- Justify the order in which these stories appear. Would have done the same ?



6- Find the 2 « play on words » in the last story


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