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4 juin 2014 3 04 /06 /juin /2014 14:25

We read the text written by Banksy about Graffiti. Do you think Graffiti really is the purest form of Art? Do you think it is a sign of decadence? Would you like to have YOUR wall covered in Graffiti? You have been given a side to defend, so debate by uising the comment section below....


Bethlehem Wall Graffiti 1






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Caro 05/06/2014 10:00

I don't think I will really glad if there was a graffiti on my wall, especially if it's ugly as the last picture !

Ambre 05/06/2014 09:56

I agree with Elisa. Graffiti is the purest form of art. Everyone should be able to exprim itself on a wall. The goal isn't the glory or a kind provocation. A building or a church, what's the
difference ? It's only a virgin wall until it's respectful of course.

Loulou Mama Pauling 05/06/2014 09:53

Grafitti is one of the most honest art forms available today because nobody's judged by his reputation, by the way he looks or how much money he earns. Everyone's free to give his opinion. It's a
free form of art, everyone can express themselves and everybody has the choice to look at it and agree or not with it. The most enjoyable thing in this kind of art is the fact that there is
absolutely no limit. However the artist owns the choice to respect places like holy buildings or not. Grafitti is the most interesting when it makes people think, and gives different ideas about
our actual society. It illustrates our world and defend different intersting causes.

Caroline Boullery 05/06/2014 09:50

I don't think I will really glad to have a graffiti on my wall, especially if it's ugly as the last picture !

RAYMOND (pl) 05/06/2014 09:47

Graffiti may be art, but it's a very primitive one. Humanity evolved into civilization and we are no longer animals. In our era of property, no man should think of damaging another man's owning
just to express himself : it's completely irrespectful. Besides, wall-painters are more often bored and angry teenagers than real artists willing to express a geniune message. We should cut
their hands out ! Or their heads ! It's unacceptable ! Graffiti's a fake art !