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2 novembre 2014 7 02 /11 /novembre /2014 21:50

Here is a biography of Rosa Parks:



1: Describe what you have understood about her childhood (maiden name, family, situation, State, …):

2: Why did she have to stop her studies?

3: What is the NAACP? How was she connected to it?

4: What was her job?

5: What was the date of the incident?

6: What happened?

7: Fill in the blanks:

“She was a _______-_______ for __________ in the face of racial injustice. Rosa Parks through her quiet eloquence, through her _____________ both to her faith and to the cause of Civil Rights in _________ ___________, was prepared to sacrifice everything, her security, even her life to _______ ____ _______ _____ ________, at least her perception of what was Justice.”

8: How did Montgomery’s black community react? What did they organize in support of her?

9: How old was Martin Luther King Jr at the time?

10: What happened in 1956?

11: Why did the Parks have to move? Where did they go?

12: Who did she work for until her retirement?

13: What did she set up later on in her life?

14: When did she die?


15: To what extent is this biography objective? 

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hugo maupetit 19/09/2012 21:12

My favourite video is the first one because it is funny and i like very much the music