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27 septembre 2016 2 27 /09 /septembre /2016 06:37

Hello everyone !

People of your generation don't have any problems finding information! On the contrary, it has become more and more difficult to filter, summarize, prioritize and criticize all the various sources of information you can find on a given subject.

Here is a little activity that hopefully forces you to assess your sources. Remember that one of more sites in this list are unreliable, fake or extremist websites, and therefore cannot be trusted.

Here is what you have to do:


• write a summary of the main events of the Civil Rights Movement, which includes a short biography of MLK and Malcom X, as well as the significant events of the movement: the whole production cannot exceed 1 A4 page, Arial font 12, single space.  

• you can only use the websites given and highlight each extract in a different colour. An "extract" can range from one word to one paragraph

• you don't have to use all of the websites

• you can use linking words of your choice to connect two extracts (do not highlight these words)

 (15 points)


At the end of your research (not included in the A4 limit):

• decide which site(s) was fake or biased and what made you sure of it (URL/Address/Content/Tone...?).

• say what shows that the website you chose could be trusted (URL/Address/Content/Tone...?)

 (5 points)


History of The Civil Rights Movement 1

History of The Civil Rights Movement 2

History of The Civil Rights MOvement 3

History of The Civil Rights Movement 4

History of The Civil Rights Movement 5


Biography of MLK 1

Biography of MLK 2

Biography of MLK 3



Biography of Malcolm X 1

Biography of Malcolm X 2

Biography of Malcolm X 3

Biography of Malcolm X 4


Good luck. You'll see it's an interesting exercise that forces you to prioritise information while learning about American History. 


Y Desdevises

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