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12 mars 2012 1 12 /03 /mars /2012 00:08

Have a look at what Riley thinks about gender marketing...


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Stéphanie 14/03/2012 18:47

Riley seems to have a problem with the companies that encourage girls to buy only certain types of toys (princesses) by putting them in pink boxes. She says that boys can have all of the other
colors and, from what I've understood, she thinks it's really unfair because some boys may want to buy princesses unstead of buying superheroes and some girls may want to buy superheroes instead of
buying princesses. She probably thinks that all the boxes should have the same color or that princesses should not automatically be in pink boxes. That's what I've understood !

Pierre 12/03/2012 17:43

I can't understand much of what she's saying, but she looks really angry! A man (probably the one who's holding the camera) asks her about boys and girls. She immediatly associates "super heroes"
to boys, and "princesses" to girls. But this stereotype seems to displease her really much! She can't understand why children would be forced to play only with the toys which were assciated to
their gender at their birth. For her, there is no reason for which boys and girls would be separated in their games. And her point of view is deeply rooted within her mind, and she mkes it be
All this is deduction, more than comprehension. But I think I'm more or less right, for the video is clearer than the girl's way of speaking.
Thanks for reading.