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14 octobre 2011 5 14 /10 /octobre /2011 14:44

Good afternoon everybody


Here is a little explanation about what we're going to do next Thursday.

You will be reading an extract of Jack Kerouac over a soundtrack. Last lesson I gave you the extract you will be reading.

In order to prepare this you need to practise reading the extract, paying attention to:


-connected speech: link one word to the next so that you don't sound like a robot.


- intonation: make sure you emphasize the right words, the most important ones and that you read the punctuation well (pauses, exclamation, etc...)


-accentuation: in words of 2 or more syllables, make sure you know which is the accentuated syllable


- phonetics: practise your /th/, your /h/, your /r/ and make sure you know the dipthongues that apply to the word (for example the word ride is pronounced "rde" not "rid")


In order to help you you can use this link: choose Audrey's voice, type the word you are unsure about and you will hear where the strong syllable is, and how to pronounce it generally.


Good luck with it! The music will be this one:



Any question, use the email at the top of the blog, or ask me on Monday.






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