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12 septembre 2011 1 12 /09 /septembre /2011 21:52



Here is a map that retraces Jack Kerouac's travels across the US:



In Red is the first trip he took from1947 to 1948

In Blue is his second trip, in 1949

In Red is his final trip, in 1950

He wrote the book very soon after his last trip, but only got published in 1957.

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Célestine 19/09/2011 19:04

If I could travel to the USA, I would go to Washington DC to see the White House, the congress and the Lincoln Memorial, it must be amazing to be in front of a statue as immense as that! After I
would go to Boston by plane because I never take it, there I would visit the city center as there is a lot of old buildings like at the beginning. To finish I would go Seattle since it's near the
canadian border and the "space needle" is very famous! After all that I would go back to France.

pauline 17/09/2011 17:18

If I could back pack throught the USA, I would begin with the most classic : the east coast, NY (where I would spend one week) and the biggest cities, like Washington DC ... Then I would like to
continue with Florida, here, I would live the nitght and to go surfing the day ! After a few day very tireded, I would like to have a little rest in a ranch in the Kentucky ! Then I would dedicate
two weeks to visit the west coast : Lost Angeles, San Fransisco, Las Vegas, Seattle ... After that, I would return to the east to visit the region of the bigs lakes especially Chicago ! And to
finish, before coming back to France by taking the plane in NY, I would stay one day : the last day and I would spend the last dolllars that would rest !

Pierre 17/09/2011 15:06

If I could travell to the USA, I think I would go to New York State and visit New York. This city is so famous that I just can't miss visiting it! Then I would go to Washigton and see the White
House, to Las Vegas to play with life and money. I'd really love to discover all the most important american cities and go to every place in America where I've never been! And I would travell on
foot in between these various places cause I love walking alone and listening to my favorite rock band GREEN DAY at the same time! I know it will take a very, very long time, but I'll really enjoy
doing it this way!