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16 janvier 2017 1 16 /01 /janvier /2017 22:43




Here are some award-winning photos that were published in the press over the last few years. They all won the Worldpress award. Can you see why? Describe, analyse and criticize these photos:






Here is the link to the World Press Photo website, click and explore !




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David Smith USA 01/04/2017 11:30

nice article useful information

Laytoya Thomas Designer 01/04/2017 11:26

Awesome blog post

Kayla Taylor Engineer 01/04/2017 11:16

its very good information i like this

Sybille and Alice 28/10/2015 19:50

We chose the photograph showing the seal on the ice floe. On this photo, a dead seal is lying on the ice floe after being harpooned by fishermen. The seal is on the back, is pretty big and grey. We know it's dead because of the blood's smear linking the water and the carcass of the animal. We can also see blood in the wall formed by the fishermen. We can imagine that the seal may has just been harpooned by the hunters : it's like if we are watching the scene through a hunter's eyes. Next, the seal could serves to eat, to build items or to heat up the Eskimo's houses. The spectator feels sad because he knows that the seal's destiny is sealed. The seal isn't in the middle of the photograph but on the right bottom, on the other hand the wall is more on the top of it : the public is steered to watch first the wall in the ice and just after the dead animal. There's an enormous contrast between the red of the blood and the white of the ice. The animal is alone and far away from the blue horizon which represents his natural environment (the sea) and so far away from his freedom.The photographer may be denouncing the protected species' hunting. Finally,the animal's blood stained the immaculate ice: it's like if the death of this protected animal touches the spectator's heart. The innocent seal is cruelly killed by the strongest creature of the world: the Human. To conclude, the photograph shows perfectly the brutality of this act of hunting.

Marion 27/10/2015 16:38

The scene takes place in a city probably not long after an earthquake because of the debris in the background.
In the foreground, we can see five people in a luxuous red open car. They are all wearing sun glasses and t-shirts and looking in the same direction, on the right, except the driver who is looking at the road (fortunately). One of the woman in the car may take a picture of the devastated city with her mobile phone. The ladies at the back of the car are staring at the camera, one of them is hiding her nose with a tissue, perhaps because something smells bad.
In the second plan, we can see people walking on the road, near the debris. A veiled woman turn the back to the camera, she might be crying while looking at the rubble. She is quite hard to see, she almost merges with the debris. She must has lost all she had.
The photographer might be denouncing a contrast between rich people and poor people. While poor people are crying because they lost all they had, the rich ones are taking pictures and are probably seeing the catastrophy as an attraction or a way to gain followers on the social medias with their photographs.
This picture can be critisize because it's not a beautiful photography that you can admire with bright eyes.