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  • Teenagers and Money (19/05/2016)
    Here is a little video about teenagers and money
  • If you win the lottery (19/05/2016)
  • Book Review (18/05/2016)
    LIsten to the girl reviewing The Great Gatsby and fill in the blanks in the activity sheet
  • In the mood for Gatsby? (18/05/2016)
    Here is a video of the way people might have been dancing at one Gatsby's parties...
  • Avoiding "it has" when talking about robots (12/05/2016)
    - Bozo has a new motion sensor. It can .... - Biba 2000 has speech recognition and detection. She can ..... - Roboz mk2 has an automatic programmation software. She can .... - Robbie has a ground observation camera.... - Bilbo has unlimited, self-recharging...
  • Describing robots (03/05/2016)
    Have a look at this: list all the equipment and separate in two categories ADJ + NOUN NOUN + NOUN How would you translate them?
  • Who wants to be a millionaire: the cheating major (02/05/2016)
    Here is a video of a man who cheated on Who Wants to be a millionaire a few years ago. How did he do it? Next is an article that says it might not have been that simple. What does the article claim? What are the reasons to doubt this claim? Charles Ingram,...