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  • LELE: consigne (27/04/2016)
    p { margin-bottom: 0.25cm; line-height: 120%; } LELE : Texte officiel : Cette évaluation s'effectue à la suite de l'épreuve obligatoire ou de l'épreuve de spécialité de la langue choisie par le candidat pour cet enseignement. Elle n'a pas de temps de...
  • Rise of the robots (26/04/2016)
    This was a TV show about the DARPA challenge. We are trying to see your ability to understand globally: - what was the challenge? - what were the difficulties? - what do we understand about humans? - in what other areas could the robot be used? - is the...
  • What can Robots do in 2016 (26/04/2016)
    Meet Atlas and Spot. Their engineers are waiting for ideas, creative people to tell them how these robots could be used: What are they capable of? Imagine manual jobs they could do. In what situation could they assist? What would the engineers have to...
  • Robots: audio (22/04/2016)
    Here is today's audio about Robotics exhibition a collection of things that are on show to the public cutting-edge the latest or most advanced laboratories rooms or buildings used for scientific research mimic to copy someone's ...