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  • Horror story (23/03/2016)
    Write a horror story starting with the following passage: "When they came out of the cinema, there was a strange feeling in the air. We were talking about the film but we didn't agree: some had liked, others thought it was a bit cliché....
  • Who is Lewis Carroll (16/03/2016)
    Here is a great BBC documentary about Lewis Carroll. Watch it and explain: cultural impact (famous fans, examples of events...) reason for success Important biographical elements about Lewis Carroll, including controversies
  • Career tests (11/03/2016)
    Let's look at these career tests ...in English! Who knows? Besides it's a good way to practice the vocabulary of workplaces! Maybe your future career is not in France.... College Facts Why go to college? Here are some statistics from the U.S. Census Bureau....
  • Press review (11/03/2016)
    Prepare to talk about an article from one of the websites below: Explore the website and find an article that illustrates what we have seen about the press. In your 3 minute press review you MUST briefly desrcibe the story but more importantly talk about...
  • 1ere: Geography of India (11/03/2016)
    Here is a map of India, so you picture it better.
  • First Certificate lesson (04/03/2016)
    Hello there! For this less on, I would like to organise a written debate, suing the comments section below. I will read the thread afterwards. First you must read the Huffington Post blog article, then the other article, to give you arguments and counter...