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11 octobre 2015 7 11 /10 /octobre /2015 15:20

Hello good people!

Well, here I am, with my back totally stuck, waiting to hear if I'm going to be operated on or not. Not a pretty sight, I tell you. Very sorry about this absence, it's the first time, and hopefully the last it happens to me!

Anyway, I can't leave you with 4 hours and a half of empty lessons and nothing to do in the holidays. So here is what I would like you to do:

In "English", things are moving pretty well with our photography project. I've got an English-speaking photographer and English teacher who is probably going to come and explain to us some of the basic portrait techniques with one camera per group of 3 students: we have 10 cameras that we can use and experiment with, it will be fun! This will happen just after the holidays. Yet, for the moment, I would like you to get used to different photographers, get used to classic photos, classic standards. So here is what you will have to do.

  1. In groups of 4 (and one group of 3) I would like you to prepare a poster on one of these photographers:

Henri Cartier-Bresson

Robert Capa

Vivian Maier

Elliott Erwitt

Yousuf Karsh

Jacques Henry Lartigue

Annie Leibovitz

Steve Mc Curry

Hendrick Kirsterns

HDR photography (not a photographer but a technique used by many photographers)

Choose 1 photographer before the end of Tuesday, say who is in your group and which photographer you have chosen. ONLY ONE POSTER PER PHOTOGRAPHER. Then print between 5 and 7 photos (either at home or at school, don't make them too small), place them on the poster and write 5 words or expressions that best define your impressions of his/her work (dream/humour/poetry/speed/timing/travelling/composition...) bewteen the photos. The idea is that everybody in the class gets inspiration from the best photographers by displaying them in the classroom. You will find empty posters on the desk next to the computer in the classroom.

So, before Tuesday, choose your group, choose your photographer and USE THE COMMENT Section below this article to inform me and the rest of the class of your choice. Then make your poster ready for FRIDAY 16th to display it in the classroom in the morning. Yes, I know there are more photographers than groups, to allow you to choose one you like.

2. I would also like everybody to finish their description of the photos, which you started on the blog ("award winning photos"). For this, you can copy the comment you have already posted and finish it in another comment. I would like you to do this before WEDNESDAY 14th October.

3. In "LELE" I would like you to post the portrait you have written, using the COMMENTS of the blog, so I can see if you have acquired the technique to make them. Remember, they are short, with lots of adjectives and you can make your own words ("howareyou smiles") and be creative with comparisons for example, or pick out one or two aspects of their appearance which says a lot about them. I would like you to do this before Wednesday 14th October.

Any question you can email me: mrdesdevises@hotmail.fr or post a comment under the article.

Have fun!

Y Desdevises

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Sybille, Mathilde and Alice 28/10/2015 18:56

Hello Mr.Desdevises ! :D
We hope that you feel better and that you spend great holidays.
Sybille, Mathilde and I have chosen to work on Robert Capa.
See you on monday !

Marion Lartigue 28/10/2015 10:50

Hello Mr !
I hope your back doesn't hurt anymore :)
Léa, Zoé and I chose Jacques Henry Lartigue because we both have the same name so we thought it was fun !
See you in a couple of days !

Bye :)

Leila, Nanthilde, Claire-Marie 21/10/2015 23:05

Good evening Mr Desdevises! We have chosen Elliott Erwitt! Have a nice holiday!!

Mogane 20/10/2015 12:23

Hello Mr Desdevises !
I and Claire C, Maud and Imane have chosen Annie Leibovitz.
I wish you a nice holiday and I hope you will back very soon.

Morgane, Claire, Maud, Imane

Nolwenn, Jules, Sacha, Kim 15/10/2015 09:38

We take Vivian Maier
We hope to see you soon
Take care of you.
Jules, Kim, Sacha, Nolwenn

MrDesdevises 15/10/2015 10:37

Interesting choice, she is talked about a lot now,! Make sure you can tell us about the incredible story of how her photos were found.