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12 novembre 2014 3 12 /11 /novembre /2014 15:17

Here is a video about Nantes. Decide which aspects we should talk about. Use the comment section under the article to give 10 things that should be in our video. It is not necessarily a place, it can also be a notion like "shopping" or "music" or "culture" for example.



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Romain.A 13/11/2014 21:44

I think we can talk about the Beaujoire , the castle of Anne of Brittany , the passage pommeray , hotel dieu , the place of the 50 otages , graslin theater , the tower of brittany , music or the cathedral ... and other thing .

lea b. 13/11/2014 18:41

we should talk about the stadium,the elephant,the tower of brittany,the castle of the duchess Anne,the caroussel,the cathedral,the passage pommeraye,the memorial,the garden of plants,the gralin place and the Loire

Claire-Marie 13/11/2014 18:32

I am agree with Karla and we can talk about the slavery and the memorial in nantes of this, and about the history of the castle of nantes with Duchesse Anne, and about the islands of nantes to.

Hugo 13/11/2014 18:31

We should talk about the elephant, the castle of the dukes of Brittany, bouffay, the Eric Tabarly bridge, the parc du grand blottereau, the quai des Antilles, the cathedral, the Loire, the passage pommeraye and the memorial to the abolition of slavery.

Karla 12/11/2014 17:42

We should talk about the passage pommeraye, the tower of Brittany, the elephant, the castle, commerce, the garden of plants, the stadium, the cathedral, the caroussel, the gralin place.